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charge $100 a month for a 30 min session once a week. The Price is the same if there are 4 weeks or 5 weeks.

(Basically four times a year you get a free lesson with the months That have five weeks.)


If you cant make a scheduled lesson we just reschedule it to a different day or do a hour the next week .


We give people up to 8 weeks to reschedule so you have plenty of time.

So say for example you miss the last week of the month, the next month it is still $100 for the new month but we just make up the session you missed on a different day or do a hour session


Also you are always  welcome to try out a 30 minute lesson for $25  before committing to a month


Are you wanting to learn a instrument  but dont want to commit to buying a Instrument yet .

Or maybe you want to try out a lesson before committing to a month


How about a Free First Music Lesson with No Obligation to Continue


Contact me and ask about trying a music lesson out for yourself or your child.

I love doing this so You can try out my lessons and see what all the hype is about.

All Beginner students can try out my lessons for free. I will even provide a instrument for you to use during the free lesson. So what are you waiting for call or message me today. 

Lesson Format

                            I have a great music program that builds your skill level from the ground up

                                      I have hand picked songs from multiple styles of music that I have put is a set order

             Each new song builds on a new chord, or new techniques in order how u should learn and in grades .

                                                                           Kinda like public school

                                                  This gives you a great foundation , and then we build from there

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